Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10 reasons to have your own client team:

  1. We establish the client’s own team especially comprised to his own requirements.
  2. The client gets experienced and qualified developers which he can interview himself via skype.
  3. Our company sets the infrastructure and registers the fact of working of the employees.
  4. The hiring process is implemented in 3 steps: first –HR manager interviews the candidate (100%), then our company’s CEO (50%), third the client interviews the most appropriate candidates (20%)
  5. The recruiting process is free of charge and is accomplished within a month, if the client is not satisfied with the candidates he can quit collaborating without any charge.
  6. The client sets himself the salary for his employees.
  7. The team works under the client’s direct control ( the customer sets tasks, schedule, meetings)
  8. The team is flexible to scale up/down
  9. Each team member can communicate directly with the client, discuss openly various issues and suggest solutions.
  10. We can provide with a PM locally to the client’s demand
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