Wednesday, January 13, 2010

IT Trends for 2010

What will be on the top in information technologies in 2010? Though predictions vary, most of them point on virtualisation, cloud computing and green IT.

According to the survey by a German hightech association BITKOM, most popular trends are cloud computing, virtualisation, followed by mobile internet, IT-security and IT Outsourcing.

Irshad Raihan, Worldwide Marketing Manager at IBM, names the trends for IT in 2010 at the developerWorks podcast. He predicts the virtualisation, cloud computing and green IT to be the major trends in 2010.

Six CIOs were interviewed by Jason Hiner at SIMposium 09 in Seattle to find out what they consider to be the main IT trends in 2010.The answers differ significantly and can be viewed in 15-minutes video at ZDNet. Peter Whatnell, CIO of Sunoco, names virtualization as the main trend. Tony Scott, CIO of Microsoft, has named the consumerisation of IT. Patricia Coffey, Vice President of Technology for Allstate is sure that Green IT will gain most importance in 2010 - both as a way to reduce energy consumption of IT centers and also as a way to apply technology for environmental purposes. Curt Pederson, CIO of Oregon State University has selected open-source to be the most trendy in 2010. Ed Trainer, CIO of Amtrak, is concentrated on how can information technologies further support business. Larry Bonfante, CIO of U.S. Tennis Association has stated the cloud computing to become the main trend for 2010. Jason Hiner underlines five most popular trends in his video at techrepublic - these are smartphones, WAN acceleration, e-readers, desktop virtualisation and the consumerization of IT.
Which are your predictions? What is going to be most important and challenging for you in the year 2010?
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