Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How To Implement Agile IT Outsourcing

Mark Rickmeier in his webinar related to Offshore IT Outsourcing shows, how to set up the work with a distributed developmengt team and how to manage the communication issues. Mark also shows how to implement agile processes for IT outsourcing. It is well-known, that most of the issues of IT outsourcing are solved by implementing agile approach. So pretty often a company willing to outsource IT (offshore or nearshore) is striving to find agile approach on the vendor's side as well. Nowadays agile is a buzzword, and it's very easy to claim being an agile IT outsourcing vendor.

How can a project manager be sure that outsourcing will contribute to internal agile project management approach? Which techniques have proved to work out for you? Do you consider Scrum Alliance Certification to be necessary for the members of dedicated team?
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