Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dedicated Team - Is It Really So Complicated?

When I'm talking to customers, who are interested and recognize the potential of having their team nearshore, but who have had no experience of that kind yet, first thing I'm hearing is - 'we must sit and think, how will the collaboration go.. are we mature enough?'

I can understand that managing your team remotely may seem like a challenge. But once you try it and work out your communication strategy - it is very easy. Even on the stage of team selection one can try the interaction with future team members to see, how deep the mutual understanding is, and if the miscommunication might be an issue.

So basically, the dedicated team model is much more simple than project-based outsourcing - especially for those individuals, who have no experience with outsourcing yet. When you were just starting with IT Outsorcing, what challenges have you faced? Was it complicated to set up processes to manage the working process?
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