Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Benefits Of Small Companies Over Big Companies

We live in the world where big seems better. Small feels ... well, unsafe, in general, not mention the fact of collaboration with. But sometimes we overlook the fact that huge businesses have serious weaknesses in areas where small businesses shine and then begin to realize that small business is a great business, and I'll tell you why.
Having business with small companies really have the number of advantages over big companies. Here they are:

Experience. Big companies are always well-known and widely advertised. One can often hear that some company has 100 year experience, that sounds very promising and impressive, doesn’t it? But have you ever thought that only personnel experience really matters, but not the company’s. That is the point. You can find qualified and professional employees both in small and big companies, and it never depends on the age of the company.

Better customer care. I'm sure you've noticed that the larger a company grows, the harder it becomes to provide good customer service. Just try to find the right person to help you on the phone in a huge corporation - it'll drive you crazy. But when you ask for the owner of a small business, chances are you'll be speaking to her or him within a few minutes. Hence, more often than not, burning business decisions can be made without the delays.

Flexibility and immediacy. Things happen quicker in small companies. Small businesses are positioned to quickly adjust to change, they know that their ability to make rapid decisions and implement course corrections is their key to success. Decision making is streamlined and employees often exercise a wide range of skills and experience, rather than to be specialists in only one area. If one employee is on leave or needs to be temporarily reassigned to a different project, another employee is already trained to take his or her place.

Commitment. That is not to say that the management teams in large companies are uncommitted. The personal stake in small business is greater. Business owners' self-image is tied closely to their businesses. They will not let these businesses fail. They take it personally.

Lower costs, equal or better quality. When cooperating with big companies, you pay 20 per cent only for the popular brand of the company, but not for the job done itself, it’s like buying white plain T- shirt from Gucci for unreasonable price which is of the same material, quality and tailoring as from a shop. Just think what you pay for. Does it worth it?

Responsibility. Writing this article I interviewed some my colleagues who worked in businesses of a different size and all of them pointed out, that when working in big companies, people often shift responsibility on their colleagues, and think that somebody will do his job. Otherwise in small companies employees know that nobody except them will perform their own obligations and tasks, hence they are more responsible, ambitious and motivated.

Freedom to innovate. Due to the structure of the small businesses (flexible schedule, no dress code, positive atmosphere) employees have the freedom of action, that really can bring to customer’s project innovations, new decisions, ideas and creativeness. You can see that innovative small businesses are considerably cost-effective to cooperate with than to innovate on your own.
Thus, dear readers, being big isn’t a great deal. But delivering top customer service, a passion for excellence, a willingness to dream and create, and the freedom to make timely decisions - these are worthy of acclaim.
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