Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do you want to create a website?

Or how to explain in plain words what exactly kind of website you desire.
We are often contacted and asked about the price of the website development. The answer is usually the long conversation around the gist of the question of what each of us understands under the word website. In this article I suggest our attempt of creation of the general context and we hope that our explanations will help you to understand yourselves and then explain to the developers or to the managers of the design companies what exactly you want for your company or a project, what aims you are targeting. It is not a secret at all, the more details you give while explaining your desires, the better they will be brought to life.
What is a website?
Website is a virtual view of information. It’s the set of pages connected by the single script. A page is not obviously of A4 format, it’s a figurative name of information on the screen. A script is a navigation on your website. The navigation depends on the concept developed for the website. The concept is a very specific thing, which should be presented in the way of a document. What are the main characteristics of the website? Let’s begin with the size description and in the end we’ll touch upon very important quality criteria.
In brief, websites can be small, medium and big. Meanwhile, each of these types of the sites can be sophisticated. Sophistication is a quality criterion. Let’s try to describe each of the types of the websites.
Small website
Small site usually has from one to five pages. It sometimes contains plain programming, i.e. a guestbook or a feedback form. The navigation is rather standard, it includes a home (main) page, about page, a contact page, a price page. Sometimes it’s very pleasant to add the page with employee’s photos. It’s often useful to tell about your clients, if it is not a commercial secret of course. So, small website is usually a prototype of the representative booklet of the company. The advantage of such an electronic booklet is evident: it’s enough to write URL on your business card, and your website will be visited for sure. And you should take care of the freshness of the information. What is the value of such a booklet? It can be updated with regularity necessary for you, at that, its updating will be will much cheaper then the usual paper booklet updating and its print. Besides convenience and economy, having small site is also following fashion.
Medium website
Medium website has usually about ten pages. Sticking to our terminology, we can say that a medium site is a supplemented small site. What is usually added to a small site for it to grow to a medium one? For example you have fast, dynamic, and young in spirit company, which wants for marketing and private reasons to tell the world about all the inner news. Then you need a news page. Or, let’s say, you sell very beautiful and specific production and you just want prospects to examine it thoroughly. Then you’ll need the catalogue with pictures and its description. A medium site does not suppose the whole range of the goods, but only an approximate set of possibilities. At a small site you give a list of your clients, at a medium site you can cite all the good words of your clients said to you. If your company has an official sort of information, probably, it is worth dedicating the separate part of your websites to press releases. If in case you strive to share your gained experience, it makes sense having a page with useful links and useful advice. The contact page can be enlarged with a travel map and office location.
Summing up, we can say that a medium site is practically a big site, only with incomplete catalogue, small pictures, not with all the praises of your clients, without a news archive. On the other hand it is not a static booklet already but the company’s informational space with an active content. If you update information than the clients will come back regularly to look through your news, find out about holiday discounts, new goods and services.
Now about a big website
A big website is almost a sophisticated one. Your production is represented as large as life with the help of pictures and photos of different sizes, with short and full description. You have got a news archive, an interactive map, a section with articles of your employees and with the articles about your company. You represented at your website all the references of your clients. To generalize, a big site is all the information you want to offer your potential clients.
A sophisticated site
At last, a moment came to explain to you what a sophisticated site is. Sophistication of the website is not a volume or size characteristic; it’s a criterion which can unite the quantity of hours spent on the development of a website concept, wok automation with the site and the quantity of programming per square centimeter of a useful text of the main web page at the standard monitor resolution. All the types of websites, small site, medium site can be sophisticated, and a big site simply in statistics is usually a sophisticated one. For example, you looked through many web sites in the Internet and want to invent something unusual and refined for your own web site. Thinking of something like special is a component of a sophisticated site. Or you want something to fly in here, something to fly out there; you want everything to whirl and to rotate and wink – you can have it everything that is also an element of a sophisticated website. Sure that a sophisticated site is not an official one, but it is used by many companies now and is very popular.
Needless to say that a sophistication of the site can increase considerably the cost of your site, and as a result you can become an owner of a small sophisticated site at the price of a big usual site. Nevertheless it’s for you to decide, everything depends on your aims and desires. Now we hope that you can more easily orient and state the requirements to your website and understand clearly that sophisticated web site demands time, strength and experience.
Thanks for reading! I’ll appreciate your feedback.


  1. I appreciate your work.
    Lot of ppl struggle to define the website they want, this is a proper guide for them.
    Bibin Joy

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    - Sanjay

  3. nice... cleared up some stuff


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